How to get there

How to get here
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From Quebec - Bus
A bus service is available everyday between Quebec City and La Malbaie.
One way is about 32.80$ (+ tax) and 52.50$ (+ tax) for a round trip.
There are discounts for students.
The bus leaves at the Ste-Foy Station or at the Gare du Palais Station. It only takes a 10 minutes walk to get to the hostel from the La Malbaie bus stop.
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From Montreal - Bus
The one way fee from Montreal to La Malbaie is around 82.20$ (+ tax) and 131.55 (+ tax) for a round trip.
There are discounts for students.
There are departures every hour from the Montreal Airport and the Montreal Bus Station. You may have to transfer in Quebec City.
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If you prefer the train, there are Montreal-Quebec connections every day. It’s less expensive than the bus, more comfortable, and has WiFi. It’s around 29.00$ one way, economy class.

There are discounts for students and groups. Possible departures from the Montreal Airport or the downtown Train Station are also available.

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Carpooling is a good way to get around cheaply, and meet people. In Quebec, carpooling is very well developed and you can easily find what you are looking for through different websites.

Here are three carpooling websites.
This approach is by far the most durable, the most adventurous, the most memorable and least expensive.

It is illegal to hitchhike on motorways in the Province of Quebec, but not on other roads.

In Montreal, the traffic is intense, so take your time to choose the right person that will drive you directly to Quebec City. Avoid people who will stop in the middle of the journey to prevent them from dropping you off in the middle of nowhere and leaves you on the edge of the highway. There is only one road to get to La Malbaie from Quebec, route 138. This is normally a fast, simple and safe road to hitchhike on. It’s also a very popular road in the summer for hitchikers that travels from Quebec City to Tadoussac. Ask to be dropped in the downtown of La Malbaie, the hostel is easy to find.

I personally have hitchhiked great distances in several different countries, even with my dog ??or bicycle. Most of the othercountries are hostile towards hitchhikers compared to Quebec. For my experiences, here are some tips to make you trip easier and safer:

1. Hitchhike by day, during peak hours if possible, never at night.
2. Choose a location where the driver has room to safely stop.
3.Always be courteous, polite and smiling. Your attitude will reassure the driver and might encourage him to pick up other people in the future.
4.Take 1 minute to chat with the driver before boarding. Where are you going? Why? This gives you time to analyze the person and especially to see whether or not they have been drinking or are on illicit substances. 
5.Take a quick look inside the car and on the back seat. It says a lot on a person.
6. Try to be interested in the driver’s life, hobbies, he probably picked you up because he wanted to talk.
7. When exiting the car, always leave the passenger door open, while unloading yours stuff from the back seat or trunk. This will prevent the driver to lock the doors and leave with your personal belongings.
8.If you are a woman, travelling alone, avoid wearing clothes that shows your curves and highlight your feminine assets in order not to provoke the temptations or any bad intentions.
9.With case of doubt, be prepared to take a picture of the license plate with your cell phone.