A breath of fresh air in the area, and the first Youth Hostel at La Malbaie, this new company takes up residence inside a beautiful, newly renovated 1948 building. The Inn proposes low priced accommodation without sacrificing comfort and service.

Among the comforts and services we offer, you’ll find a reading room with library and piano, two fireplaces and a home theater with DVD’s as well as a balcony with a view of the Saint-Laurence River. Even if a well equipped kitchen is at your disposal, we also suggest you sample the great food prepared at their resto-pub La Chope.

Regional products are highly popular as well as all the dozens of Quebec’s microbrewery beers.

‘’La Presse’’ Newspaper report

Released January 27th 2015 at 3h38 pm / Updated the January 27th at 3h38 pm

A Youth Hostel in La Malbaie has joined the HI network



‘’La Presse’’

A new Youth Hostel in Quebec has joined the Hosteling International network, which groups together establishments from all over the world.

The Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie has been opened since summer 2013. The Inn is in a house built in 1948 that offers views of the River.

It can accommodate around 50 guests in dormitories or private rooms, but those who only pass through can stop by the resto-pub La Chope, which offers a wide selection of microbrewery beers.

The Inn, classified 4 stars by the Quebec Tourism Industry Corporation, joins a network of 4 000 Inns across 90 different countries.

Hosteling International

A charming Youth Hostel in the middle of Charlevoix.

Youth Hostel 4 star (CITQ), HI-La Malbaie offers accommodation in private rooms and shared rooms in a relaxed atmosphere and an amazing view of the River.


La Chope, resto-pub

La Chope, comfortable pub, pleasant and animated where you’ll discover microbrewery beers and local products in a warm and festive atmosphere. The Inn undertakes to promote local farmers and local products as much as it can.

View of the Saint-Laurence River

HI-La Malbaie offers you a surprising view of the River Saint-Laurent from its deck, backyard or balcony.

Private rooms, family oriented or shared

The Auberge de Jeunesse HI-La Malbaie offers a variety of shared or private rooms. All private rooms are on the second floor and are equipped with a double size bed and a sink. Shared rooms are offered in different sizes. The dormitory beds are equipped with a wall outlet and a night light.

Open air and nature: as much as you want!

The area is bursting with possibilities for those who are fans of outdooring and tourism adventure: hiking, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, boating, kayaking, alpine skiing, skidoo, sled dogs, Via ferrata course? Something to keep you occupied in summer or winter!

*We have a friendly dog living permanently at the Inn. Her name is Volka, if you have questions or concerns regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact our employees or managers.


‘’Le Charlevoisien’’

The international class for the Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie

By Gilles Fiset, journalist

The Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie has newly received its HI affiliation, an international level organisation as well as opening a new restaurant service.

«HI, Hosteling International, it stands for the largest low-cost accommodation association in the world with 4 000 Inns in 90 different countries» says David Huot, owner and director of the Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie. «I am the 14th HI Youth Hostel in Quebec» adds Mr. Huot who can already notice the results of his new certification since people have already made reservations by the HI association.

Being in this kind of assembly has various advantages and not only regarding room reservations. «We have a 50 km exclusivity so the association has to make sure that there won’t be any other


Brand new kitchen space

«Before, we had a restaurant licence. We used to make small meals, but now, we have a real chef, with real menus, so we are officially a real restaurant in downtown La Malbaie. » announces the president of the Youth Hostel. «Our menus are affordable and everything is homemade, he says. What gives us the chance to offer these kind of prices is that we have a second income source, which is accommodation. » explains Mr. Huot who specifies that he has also obtained his liquor licence, which now allows him to offer alcoholic beverages for people who would like to have a drink in his establishment. Plus, a newly heated and lighted terrace with a view of the River where several shows and entertainment are to be expected in the coming months.

La Malbaie, the town

MODEL CITIZEN Upcoming construction: • sidewalk rebuilding: the area between Bellerive road and the hospital; •asphalting of certain sections for the following streets: Rang Fraserville, Dassylva road, Côte des Jâlins, Rang St-Charles, Rang Ste-Philomène and Rang St-Jean-Baptiste. •The entire rebuilding (water supply and sewers) in a 1.69 km section of the de la Vallée road • Waterproofing construction and purification system.

Other information: With winter coming up, we are taking this opportunity to advise you concerning night parking and snow removal measures and restrictions.

•Parking is forbidden on public roads between 11 pm and 7 am from November 15th until March 31st.

This restriction is released between December 22nd and January 4th inclusively. •It is necessary to obtain a permit from our municipal inspector in order to drop snow on the border of the road before the usual snow removal work. *Take note that the city will increase its surveillance in order to ensure that this regulation is respected. Public work services the AUBERGE DE JEUNESSE LA MALBAIE started in December 2013 in downtown Malbaie at 435 St-Étienne Road in a wonderful newly renovated residence dated 1948. This project is the initiative of Mr. David Huot, owner of the Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie. Outdoor aficionado and lover of the Charlevoix area, Mr. Huot decided to install his Youth Hostel between the River and the mountains. An investment of close to 1.2 million with a potentially interesting fall-back for the Charlevoix area. Aiming primarily the outdooring fan travelling light and looking for affordable housing, the Inn has 7 private rooms, 32 dormitory beds and is able to accommodate a total of 50 guests. The establishment offers different services with, amongst others, a resto-pub. This relaxing environment where we serve microbrewery beers and fresh meals made from local products. Thanks to this great initiative, 5 jobs were created. The municipal council congratulates Mr. Huot.